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What you eat shows on your body, and yes that includes your hair. That is why if you want to get the luscious, beautiful and healthy hair you need to be mindful of what you put on your plate. You always don’t have to depend on medications or other shampoos, what you ingest also make a difference. Beside the best shampoos, hair growth oils, hair growth ,the following are unusual of the super foods that can give you great hair. click here for related information.

1. Green tea

It may not have the best taste in the world, but green tea carries a plethora of benefits both in and out of the body. There are claims that a cup of green tea a day can reduce the risk of hair loss. This advantage can be attributed to the catechins from green tea that inhibits the action of 5-alpha-reductase. This is the enzyme that transforms testosterone to dihydrotestosterone which is the culprit for hair loss.
Other studies also suggest that it is the anti-inflammatory properties of green tea that promote hair growth. Also, its polyphenolic components inhibit stress activity in the body which interrupts hair growth.

2. Almonds

This particular family of nuts is considered to be the healthiest. Almonds are packed with vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, and vitamin E. Studies show that a healthy dose of magnesium a day is essential to growing strong and healthy locks. In fact, a deficiency in this particular mineral can result in hair loss. Vitamin E on the other hand with its antioxidative properties gives the hair more luster and strength. In addition to this, you can also apply almond oil to your hair for an excellent and inexpensive moisturizing treatment.

3. Walnuts

Another type of nut that can give you good locks is walnuts. It is the only type of nuts that contains omega-3 fatty acids and is also rich in vitamins E and biotin. This protects your hair cells from damage while it also gives your hair a richer color and shine. Aside from munching on raw walnuts, you can also use walnut oil to dress your salads or when frying.


4. Spinach

An 180-gram bag of spinach contains 35% of iron. According to a study from the Cleveland Clinic in the US, low levels of iron speeds up hair loss. That is why it would do you good to increase your servings of this super food every day. In addition to that, spinach also contains manganese which actually helps in maintaining a healthy hair. for more details, visit :

best shampoos, hair growth oils, hair growth and Super Foods For Great Hair!

5. Eggs

Aside from being an excellent source of protein which is necessary for hair health, eggs also contain minerals such as zinc, iron, selenium and sulfur. All these have a part to play in limiting hair loss, promoting hair growth, and maintaining healthy and shiny locks.

6. Greek Yogurt

In contrast to the regular yogurt, Greek yogurt is thicker and contains less sugar. It contains a healthy amount of protein which promotes hair formation. Vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid can also be absorbed promoting healthier and stronger hair follicles thus preventing probable hair loss. Applying it on your hair after it is mixed with honey can also make for an excellent hair mask.

7. Poultry

Poultry is an excellent source of protein which is the core building blocks of your hair. It also contains hair-friendly minerals such as zinc and iron. In addition to this, Poultry also provides you with the complete list of B-vitamins which is a family of nutrients that are particularly beneficial to hair growth and maintenance.the above mentioned are super foods that helps in maintaining health status of your hair making it look more elegant. For more information, get it from best shampoos, hair growth oils, hair growth.